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Monte Mare Schliersee

One-day spa getaway including a stunning mountain-lake panorama view!

Everyone would agree that fresh mountain air, an amazing view over a crystal blue lake and a day full of relaxation and recreation is a much needed treat once in a while… so… why not get all of this immediately? The Monte Mare Schliersee offers all this and so much more in one place! Located directly on the shore of the Schliersee lake (only 5 walking minutes from the train/ BOB station Schliersee!) the bath features a swimming pool area with a large indoor swimming pool, one salty sole outdoor pool with panorama view, a water kiddies’ paradise, a Jacuzzi and a black hole water slide with laser effects. Of course, the swimming pool area is nice but in our opinion the sauna and spa area is really worth the visit with its 6 saunas and steam baths plus the outdoor whirlpool and outside relaxation area.


You can either reach the monte mare Schliersee by car (approximately 60 minute drive from downtown Munich, depending on traffic, parking lots are available) or you can go there by train. We decided to go there by public transport, since the train or “BOB” (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) station is only 5 walking minutes away and we got a cheap group ticket (Bayernticket). The BOB departs every hour from Munich Central Station and only takes 60 minutes to Schliersee. The Monte Mare offers also a ticket combination of day pass + BOB train ride for 33,00 EUR, which is a very good bargain if you go on your own (for more persons the group Ticket Bayernticket is more advisable!). Just keep in mind that the highway in the direction Alps/ Schliersee/ Tegernsee is usually packed on weekends so going there by BOB might me the better choice – or you avoid rush hour and start and leave later than the crowd. The day ticket is 24,00 EUR ( + 2,00 EUR added charge on weekends) which is in our opinion a really fair deal – just to compare, the day ticket of the Therme Erding costs 43,00 EUR during the week… of course, it is also much larger and offers more different types of sauna, but for us, the Monte Mare Schliersee is just enough for one day!


Once inside you can either take a swim in the salty sole pool (don’t forget to wear your bikini or shorts in the swimming pool area), check out the waterslide or enjoy the warm whirlpool with panorama view. If you prefer to start with the saunas, just get up one floor, get loose of your clothes (saunas in Germany are usually garment-free areas) and pick one of the many options. We recommend to check out all of the saunas and steaming baths over the day, since each is somewhat different and has a different temperature, but the relaxation sauna with its 65° Celsius is a very good option to start with in order to get your body used to the heat. After having sweat enough you can cool down by diving in the ice pool and enjoy the great view of the lake and the mountains on the rooftop terrace. If the weather is nice you can relax on the lounging chairs outside and get some tan, but never mind if it is rainy since the Monte Mare offers a lot of relax areas inside (one of them even with water beds), too. Make sure to check out the rainforest stone sauna and the kelo sauna outside – our favorites! Although you are doing nothing, you still might get hungry at a certain point… luckily, there is also a restaurant which serves various food and drinks at fair prices. We brought our own snacks (undesired, but tolerated by the Monte Mare) as did a lot of other people and ordered a cappuccino and drinks in the bath restaurant. Additionally, you can pre-book massages or spa treatments or you can just see if they have any free slots available.

For us the Monte Mare Schliersee is the perfect one-day getaway with the best view on the Schliersee and the mountains where you can day dream and relax for hours. Take a day off if you have the chance and enjoy the sauna area and the bath almost on your own. If you live close by, an after-office 4 hour ticket is also very recommendable!

InsideMunich Insider:

Combine a skiing day or a hiking tour in the area with a 4-hour evening sauna ticket after an active day outside. There is nothing better than relaxing your soring muscles after skiing or hiking in the warm outside pool – believe us!



outside whirlpool with mountain-lake panorama view, hops sauna, rainforest stone sauna, pouring water on hot stones ceremony performed by the Bademeister


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