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    Graphzines exhibition at the Museum Fürstenfeldbruck

    Museum Fürstenfeldbruck graphzine

    When we got invited by Carsten Gerhard from Kulturmarketing München to see the exhibition “ Graphzines ” in the Museum Fürstenfeldbruck, the first two things that came to our mind were:

    1. What are Graphzines? 🤔

    2. Fürstenfeldbruck has a museum? 🤔

    Curious to find out about these two things we joined Carsten and other bloggers last week at the guided tour at the Museum Fürstenfeldbruck. Luckily we did this or we would have missed a great exhibition in a cool location we did not even know about before!


    First things first… Graphzines are graphic printed art publications which are closely related to comics and faszines. Their origin was in France in the 1970ies and they are usually produced in small editions using the screen printing technique. You cannot easily buy a graphzine in a bookstore or online as they are only sold in specialized stores, galleries or at comic festivals. As you can imagine some of the more famous graphzines rank high in collector’s value as they are so hard to get. Graphzines are really diverse and the artists have totally different styles and messages.

    Graphzines Museum Fürstenfeldbruck

    Different styles of graphzines

    Graphzine bazooka

    Bazooka graphzine



    Graphzines at the Museum Fürstenfeldbruck

    Exhibitions on comics and street art are quite the trend currently (see our article about the MAGIC CITY street art exhibition in Munich MAGIC CITY the art of the street). The Museum Fürstenfeldbruck opened its exhibition featuring more than 100 international graphzines on July 22nd.

    Museum Fürstenfeldbruck

    Inside the Museum Fürstenfeldbruck


    This is actually the first time that you can see French graphzines outside of France. What we liked especially about the exhibition is that so many different artists and graphzine styles are presented. You find black and white works, strong and colorful graphzines and even some 3D printed unique copies by Philippe UG.

    Here are some more impressions of the different styles and types of graphzines:

    3D popup graphzine FFB

    3D popup graphzine by Philippe UG

    Graphzine black and white Fürstenfeldbruck

    Black and white graphzine

    colorful graphzine Fürstenfeldbruck

    Strong and colorful graphzine


    New Lung Seeded Inside: a walk-in installation

    Graphzine Museum Fürstenfeldbruck

    Baby elephant graphzine

    carpet glitter graphzine

    Woven carpet transferred from graphzine










    But for us, the real highlight of the graphzines exhibition is downstairs. The international comic and graphzine artist Stéphane Blanquet created a 250 square meter walk-in installation called “New Lung Seeded Inside”. It takes you immediately to a different world and your breath away. He painted and drew a lot of different graphzines and designs which have been transformed to woven glittery carpets, silhouettes, china and sculptures.








    Of course, we have some pictures for you, but you have to be there to really get the atmosphere of this great installation. “New Lung Seeded Inside” is Blanquet’s first and only installation in Germany and is supposed to transfer graphzines as artists’ media of the future. So make sure you won’t miss this great opportunity to see the exhibition and the walk-in installation and get amazed!

    Museum Fürstenfeldbruck: the location

    Fürstenfeldbruck is not only worth the drive for the museum. There are also two great restaurants and a baroque convent located on the same site as the museum.

    Baroque convent Kloster Fürstenfeld


    Luckily we got to enjoy a typical Bavarian Brotzeit together with the other bloggers. You all know that art is even better to discuss with a full stomach 😉.  If you want to see a very cool video of the graphzine exhibition check out Jennifer Jäger’s vlog Graphzine Austellung in Fürstenfeldbruck  – she also has a lot of insights about Harry Potter and fantasy novels to offer!


    General Information Museum Fürstenfeldbruck

      • Adress: Museum Fürstenfeldbruck, Fürstenfeld 6, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
      • Homepage: Museum FFB
      • Opening hours: Tue – Sat 1 pm – 5 pm, Sunday and holidays 11 am – 5 pm
      • Prices: adults 4 EUR, reduced (students, people with disabilities) 2.50 EUR
      • Graphzines exhibition: until September 24th