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    Phönixbad Ottobrunn

    Phönixbad Ottobrunn- Your one day spa and wellness escape from the city!

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    Who doesn’t need a day off, a little retreat and just time to relax once in a while? Well, we certainly do and that is why we love the Phönixbad in Ottobrunn just outside the center of Munich. Of course, the 25m swimming pool, two funny water slides, a Jacuzzi and a heated outdoor pool are quite nice, but what is really worth the drive is the great spa and wellness area with 10!!! different saunas and cozy chill-out zones.

    Since the A8-highway is really close you can easily reach the Phönixbad in 20 – 40 minutes by car from downtown Munich (depending on traffic, of course) – parking lots are available. We went there by public transport (MVV) and due to a very good bus-train connection it only takes 40 minutes from Marienplatz with the S7 in the direction of Kreuzstraße, get out at Ottobrunn and take the bus 241 (leaves directly at the train station). Alternatively take the U5 to the last stop Neuperlach Süd and transfer to bus 222 or 229 which also go directly to the stop “Phönixbad Ottobrunn”. When entering the bath and spa you have different options: we recommend the day ticket for the sauna + spa area (including entrance fee for the swimming pool and the slides) for 27,00 EUR (29,00 EUR on weekends) – the Phönixbad has really long opening hours and a great restaurant so you can spend your whole day there. Of course, just going the swimming pool area without spa entrance is much cheaper (day ticket for 9,20 EUR), but as mentioned before in our opinion you should check out the sauna and spa area!

    Once inside the garment-free spa area you can choose between 10!!! different saunas – you should check them all out since each of them is something special. One of our favorites is the Sanarium with a starry sky like ceiling that changes colors and is with 55° Celsius perfectly tempered to get started your spa day. After you tried a few saunas and have swum in the outdoor pool (naked of course which is kind of weird at first, but you get used to it J) you can perfectly relax in one of the four relaxation rooms (one of them even features water beds!). Take a book or a magazine or just use the time to catch up some sleep. Furthermore, you definitely have to check out the Kelo saunas (little log cabins with a fish pond in front) – spa heaven J. What we also totally like about the Phönixbad is the cleanliness and the many little details either in the saunas or in the relaxation areas that really make you feel welcome and comfy. You also have the chance to book massages or other spa treatments (either in advance – check out the website or if they have free slots you can just ask at the front desk).

    Of course, the Therme Erding or other spas around Munich offer a lot more saunas and a larger swimming pool area – but on the downside, the facilities are usually really crowded (even on weekdays) and day tickets are much more expansive, too (for example your pay 43,00 EUR during the weekday and 47,00 EUR on weekends in Erding for using the pool + spa area). For us, the Phönixbad in Ottobrunn is the perfect getaway treat after a long week of endless hours in front of your computer and the price-performance ratio is unbeatable…


    InsideMunich Insider:

    Take a day off and go there during the week… and you have the spa and the bath almost to yourself! Don’t forget your peeling!



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