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    Wood Schwabing Insidemunich

    Eat clean – feel clean! The slogan of the newly opened (November 2015) restaurant Wood does not only perfectly fit to the ongoing healthy food trend but promises to serve delicious food yet without using any flavor enhancers and refined sugars. Located close to the subway station Münchner Freiheit in Schwabing Wood is just one of the many new openings in this neighborhood, but the concept of clean food is definitely new in town and an interesting addition to the existing offer of bars and restaurants.

    When entering Wood, we were positively surprised that the interior of the restaurant is not completely “clean”, but instead the white tables (wooden, of course J) and the scandi-style decoration as well as the many flowers and plants spread a very chic and sophisticated atmosphere. On each table you find paper mats with 16 golden rules for better eating (called the “Besser-Esser” which means better-eater in English) and thus better life as a consequence. Of course, the tips offered are no rocket science, since you are told to drink 3 liters of water every day, avoid soft-drinks, don’t drink too much alcohol (at least, it is not completely banned :)) and eat enough fruit and vegetables… – but still, it’s never a bad thing to be reminded of the ideal healthy lifestyle each of us could embrace (very hypothetical – at least for us). The menu consists of view selected dishes – of course, a lot of special salads and veggie dishes, but also fish and meat (price range: 7 – 9 EUR for starters, 12 EUR for salads and 15 – 25 EUR for main dishes). In order to follow the clean eating style, we ordered a salad with grilled calamari and the veggie pasta with zucchini – both are very recommendable and truly delicious so one could state the promise of delicious food without using artificial ingredients has been fulfilled. The service was really friendly, offered helpful advice regarding the rather unusual food and made it also possible to change one side dish. Even if consuming alcohol does not go with the clean eating principle, a view wines and a light beer are served at Wood anyways – and this casual implementation of the clean eating principle makes the location very likeable.  Due to this and the aforementioned chic and feel-good atmosphere Wood is the perfect location for the next (healthy :)) girls night out, a business lunch or breakfast with your best (girl) friend.

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    Home-made Lemonade, Fish Dishes


    Who is there:

    Fashionistas, Food Blogger, Vegans and Vegetarians, definitely more girls than guys


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