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    EatWith: Enjoy home-made food prepared by locals around the world

    EatWith: Taste delicious food – meet interesting people.

    The concept of EatWith really is as simple and convincing as it sounds: Enjoy a home-made and yummy dinner. Prepared by local foodies in different cities all around the world. Meet inspiring people while enjoying a more-course menu together.

    EatWith InsideMunich Bavarianfusion dinner

    Set EatWith dinner table

    Starting in 2012 in San Francisco, EatWith is now available in over 200 cities in 50 countries worldwide. 650 hosts are registered on the EatWith homepage and are ready to prepare a delicious and unique meal for you. All you have to do is to pick a host and a menu in the city of your choice and request a date. A member of the EatWith team will contact you shortly afterwards and confirm your requested date or offer a different time or host. In our opinion, EatWith really is a great opportunity to enjoy dinner with locals. You also learn more about their city and the local food and meet interesting new people. Of course, it is not for free, but it’s totally worth the experience. Check out what is offered at your next destination right here EatWith


    EatWith in Munich: Bavarian Fusion Dinner

    We were invited to try EatWith in our favorite city (MUNICH of course). Julia, a Munich born and raised food blogger, hosted her version of a Bavarian Fusion Dinner – and it was amazing.

    Eatwith InsideMunich table decoration Bavarian

    Bavarian starter: Obazda and Brezn

    She lived up to her promise to interpret traditional Bavarian food in a modern and unexpected way. Luckily, it was warm enough to enjoy dinner outside and the table was decorated with a lot of attention to detail. We even received some Bavarian inspired give-away. The Bavarian fusion dinner started with a beer mojito and Obazda as appetizer – and we had enough time to chat with our fellow dinner guests. We met Mark, a real estate broker from Seattle, two Munich journalists and a travel agent and of course, our lovely host Julia. We had so many interesting and fun conversations about Munich, traveling and food. But let’s have a look at the menu:



    Bavarian Fusion Dinner: the menu

    • 1st course: Obazda (typical Bavarian cheese creation adding a different and new flavor)
    • 2nd course: horseradish gazpacho (a cold but inspiring soup)
    • Main course: Schnitzel variation with fried Sauerkraut fritters
    • Dessert: Bavarian crème and stewed fruits


    EatWith InsideMunich starter dinner

    Starter: cold and tasty horseraddish gazpacho

    EatWith main course Inside Munich

    Schnitzel heaven made by Julia

    EatWith InsideMunich dessert cream

    Yummy dessert: Bavarian cream








    All the courses were sooo delicious and were served with the perfect choice of red and white wines and beer. Our host was really attentive and also told us some of her well-kept cooking secrets.

    I usually don’t use any recipes at all, but just try different styles and let my creativity and inspiration take over. (Julia, EatWith host and Munich food blogger)

    You can check out a lot of her recipes on her food blog Delicious Stories. It’s so great to get some inspiration for new dishes on her blog in case you want to try something new instead of the usual pasta! We can totally recommend to book the EatWith Bavarian Fusion dinner with Julia – we enjoyed a perfect and surprisingly different Bavarian dinner.


    Why YOU should go for an EathWith dinner:

    • enjoy a home-made dinner prepared by local food lovers
    • meet new interesting and inspiring people from all around the world
    • discover more about the food culture in different countries
    • sharing is caring: enjoy food in a cozy living room together with nice people


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