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    The HUT – Hüttenzauber in the heart of Munich

    The Hut Le Meridien München Insidemunich

    That`s why ” The HUT” is the right place for you

    – You can experience the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of a mountain cabin,
    – while having tasty Swiss cheese fondue and other specialties from Austria and Germany,
    – in an extraordinary location in the heart of Munich 🙂

    The Hut Die Hütte in München

    The HUT by Le Meridien Munich is the perfect mountain hut. Just not far away, but in the heart of or our favorite city. Just enter the Le Meridien Munich hotel close to the Munich central station and walk through the nice lobby to get to the patio. Once there, you see the wood-made hut and feel automatically transferred to some small mountain cabin in the Alps. The Hut offers delicious Bavarian and Austrian specialties as Schnitzel and Obadza which fit perfectly into the scenery.

    Our Highlight

    Fondie Cheese Käse Restaurant

    Everything looks really tasty, but in our opinion you definitely have to try the Swiss cheese fondue called “glacier fondue” (Gletscher Fondue).

    Yummy melted Swiss cheese with crusty bread and vegetables – cheese heaven on earth! You should also try their Glühbier (hot beer with cherry flavor) – fits perfectly to the cheese fondue! If you have a sweet tooth and like Austrian desserts like the famous “Kaiserschmarrn”, you should really go for dessert, too. The HUT by Le Meridien Munich is open until December 22nd from 6 – 11 pm. We recommend to make reservations as there are not that many tables.



    If you plan an extraordinary birthday or Christmas party and you expect up to 35 guests, the HUT is also definitely your place to celebrate: Hüttenzauber calling. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere just like in a mountain hut immediately makes your guests feel at home and welcome.

    We recommend: don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy a great “mountain evening” with yummy food and drinks in the perfect mountain location in the heart of Munich!






    • The HUT – Die Alm in München
    • Location: Le Méredien, Bayerstrasse 41, 80335 München
    • Opened daily until December 22nd (6 – 11 pm every night)
    • Special Food: Swiss cheese fondue
    • Insider tip: try the delicious Glühbier and the Swiss cheese fondue with truffles and champagne!


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