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    Hiking tour Trainsjoch

    Facts Hiking Tour Trainsjoch

    • Location: Bayerischzell (800 m)/ Ursprungspass
    • Summit: Trainsjoch (1,707m)
    • Category: easy – medium
    • Duration: 4.5 hours net walking time to the summit and back (without any breaks)
    • Altitude difference: 800 m
    • Specials: delicious Kaiserschmarrn at Mariandlalm


    How to get to Trainsjoch mountain from Munich

    Public transport

    Take the BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) from Munich Central Station to the last stop Bayerischzell. Just make sure that you are in the right part of the train. It gets split up at the stop Holzkirchen and goes in three different directions from there. When you are in Bayerischzell take the local bus to the Bäckeralm and walk from there to Trainsjoch mountain. More information about hiking with the BOB

    We usually prefer going by public transport, as you can relax in the train and avoid the usual traffic jam back to Munich. But the Trainsjoch summit is a lot easier to reach by car, so we recommend driving there.


    Take the highway A8 directed to Salzburg till exit Irschenberg (exit number 99). Take the road B307 to Bayerischzell via Miesbach and Schliersee and cross the border to Austria at Ursprungspass. The parking lot is just one kilometer after the border. Without traffic it takes about 1h 15 minutes (85 kilometers).

    Hiking tour

    The tour to the Trainsjoch starts off easy with a broad, but partly steep forest road. After 15 minutes you will reach a path which allows to cut short some of the forest road. 50 minutes more of walking and meeting some cows, you will reach the Mariandlalm (officially Obere Trockenbachalm), which is a really great and original mountain cabin. But before enjoying some great food and refreshing drinks, we recommend to hike to the summit first!

    There are two options to reach the Trainsjoch summit from the Mariandlalm, which take both approximately the same time. If you want to make a round trip, we recommend the left path for going up. The right path is a little easier and you might choose that one when descending. After 15-20 minutes of walking you will reach a small forest – and after that the fun begins 🙂 . Although the summit is really not that high you have to climb some rocks in order to get to the top. But the climbing part is really easy – so no worries! As the Trainsjoch mountain marked once the border between Tyrol and Bavaria, you will see many boundary stones dating back to 1844. From the summit you have a great view to the Wilder Kaiser – enjoy and take a break!

    For descending the Trainsjoch we recommend the other path – a little less steep and you can enjoy a different panoramic view. Once you come back to the Mariandlalm, it’s now time to take your well-deserved break and enjoy some local specialties. You simply have to try their famous Kaiserschmarrn – one of the best you can get!

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