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Climbing up – can you make it to the top?

Due to its close location to the German Alps Munich is of course home to many mountain lovers and pro climbers. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will find many different locations for bouldering and indoor rock climbing within our beautiful city. Our favorite hotspot for bouldering is the centrally located Boulderwelt only five walking minutes from Ostbahnhof (Munich East).

We recommend this bouldering place, because it does not only have the coolest Yeti logo (called Yaffi, see pictures) :), but even more offers a large bouldering area with more than 1,900 m² with a lot of different bouldering tracks ranking from absolute beginner (1a- difficulty level) to mountain-pro or to say free climber (8b+ difficulty level), so that everybody has the chance to try a difficulty level perfectly suited to his individual abilities.

But first things first… the best thing is, you literally need nothing to check the Boulderwelt out for yourself – just a comfy and sporty outfit in which you are able to perform all kind of Spiderman moves… as the slogan says “climbing without fear and beyond reproach (“Klettern ohne Furcht und Tadel”).

How does it work?

After you registered yourself in the computer systems and paid 11,80 EUR for a day ticket and possible 4,00 EUR for the rental climbing shoes, you put your stuff in the locker rooms (do NOT forget to bring your own lock, since this is the only thing you can’t rent here) and there you go… you just inform yourself about the difficulty levels of the different tracks (one color means the same level of difficulty for the different walls… since the tracks are changed every two weeks you need to check every time you go there), warm up and try to reach the top. If you would like to have a guided tour and professional advice the first time you go there, you should make sure to come on a Tuesday on 6, 7 or 8 p.m. since a free introduction tour as well as some beginner tips are offered every Tuesday. Bouldering is also the perfect activity for a rainy Sunday morning or afternoon – you get in shape while performing a fun indoor activity with great music (typical snowboarding-skateboarding music mix, the HipHop and Elektro lovers might be disappointed, but it actually fits the activity perfectly :)), gain self-confidence by overcoming the height and improve your body tension.

Its just so much fun!

Moreover, the people climbing in the Boulderwelt are usually really friendly and relaxed and the more advanced climbers support the beginners and provide free advice so you have the chance to improve constantly. Of course, the nice and supportive staff will assist you, too. We usually go with some friends of total different levels of climbing skills, but since everybody can pick his track on each wall individually, it is the perfect activity you can enjoy together not matter how different your fitness levels and climbing skills are. So even if you have never climbed before, are afraid of heights and think you can’t make it to the top… believe us, you can and it is definitely so much fun! After you are done climbing (and believe us this might be sooner than you think since your muscular strength will decrease pretty soon at your first time bouldering) you have the chance to relax with your friends and watch other climbers over some snacks as pizza, bagels or a cup of coffee in the Boulderwelt.

Klettern Boulderwelt

Of course, it is usually pretty crowded on the weekends, but for us this is part of the fun since you can watch a lot of talented climbers that perform almost stunt-wise moves and you have the chance to learn a lot by watching only. Moreover, the long opening hours during the week (each weekday from 8 a.m. – 11 p.m.) offer the possibility to enjoy the Boulderwelt almost to yourself. If you check out the homepage, the traffic light Yaffi (the Yeti logo) shows how many people are currently bouldering.


Just get started

So no matter if you want to check out a new activity, prepare for the next climbing season in the mountains or just want to have a great time with your friends climbing and chatting, the Boulderwelt is the perfect place for you! So take all your courage and climb “without fear and beyond reproach”!

 Who do you find at Boulderwelt?

Extreme Climbers, Climber and hiker preparing for the next mountain climbing season, athletic crowd, just-for-fun climbers, active families, but definitely no drama queens being afraid for their manicured nails J


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