Das Neuhausen

München Insidemunich Neuhausen

Excellent food, service and atmosphere. Das Neuhausen is located in the heart of Neuhausen. The beautiful restaurant offers a variety of local dishes as well as freshly-pressed juice and all sorts of other drinks. We have been at the restaurant a couple of times and really enjoyed the great atmosphere. We love the food they serve, the way they do it and the place itself. It would be a good idea to make a reservation, especially at weekends. Everyone finds something on the menu as they serve delicious starters, great pasta, big burger and Bavarian specialties. Sounds like a lot on the menu but the quality is really good. It’s the perfect location if your fiends have a different taste and you don’t have to choose between Italian, Asian, or German food.


How to get here?

Go to – Das Neuhausen

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