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InsideMunich BarDistillers Bar – Munich Vodka at its finest

Another great place we would like to introduce to you is called “ Distillers Bar “. The bar is located in the heart of Schwabing, 1 minute away from the “Münchner Freiheit”. It’s  really easy to get there and find the place because of the big shining “Monaco Franze” sign adorning the bar from outside.

The first thing you`ll see it the large distillation plant with the house Vodka is distilled. Right next to it you`ll find a little lounge and also a small fan-shop which is integrated in the bar. There are also seats at the counter and in the back of the bar. The Distillers bar is decorated with dark wood and fine materials and this composition really fits to the bar and the drinks.

If you have a look at the drinks menu it is clear that everyone will find something for themselves. More than 25 pages offers cocktails of course, also mixed with the house Vodka “Monaco Vodka” and what particularly pleased me, Astra beer from Hamburg is on the list 🙂   The cocktails range from fruity as the Burlesque with Monaco Vodka, Aperol, grapefruit, guava & agave to classic cocktails or just a Monaco Franze punch or Monaco Mule. The service is very friendly and accommodating.


Integrated Monaco Fan Shop , guided tours with live distillation


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