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    Pop-up restaurant Fleischkonsum by Vincent Fricke

    Munich Pop-up restaurant

    Hello fellow food lovers in Munich, there will be a new pop-up restaurant coming to our favorite city soon! Be prepared for a very unique and extraordinary meat experience… but first things first :).

    Chef Vincent Fricke decided to open the pop-up restaurant “FLEISCHKONSUM” (meat consumption) for the second time in March 2017, since the concept has been a great success last year. We were lucky and got the chance to check out the new location, meet the chef and taste some dishes on the menu at the pre-opening event.

    As you might guess, the restaurant FLEISCHKONSUM offers all kinds of meat… BUT… definitely not the way you are used to it. Being a chef for over ten years now, Vincent Fricke has been a little annoyed of wasting so much meat every day. As customers usually only order “the best parts” of the animals as rib-eye or rump steak, a lot of good meat is thrown away every day in so many restaurants in the world. And this is not due to fact that the other parts are not eatable or not delicious, it is just because people are used to common dishes that use the typical parts of the animal. So Vincent Fricke decided to do something against this and decided to show people that you can enjoy meat in so many different ways. Et voilà, the concept of FLEISCHKONSUM was born.

    Although the name does suggest otherwise, the goal of chef Vincent Fricke is actually to reduce our meat consumption. How? By eating meat consciously that has been bred by local farmers, together with nice people and with least waste as possible.  The slogan “from nose to tail” perfectly describes the intention of the pop-up restaurant: to serve delicious meat from all parts of the animal. Nose-to-tail speaks for itself here.

    On the menu at the pre-opening blogger event were:

    • ceviche from venison with sweet potato fries
    • bun bao with pork cheek
    • pork heart with beluga lentils and veal tongue
    • osso bucco with marrowbone, celery, kale

    … and we tried everything. We both like a good piece of meat once in a while, but we are no fans of entrails and have never eaten tongue, heart or tail before. To be completely honest, we were not sure about eating heart first, but well, we just did it. And it was worth it. Even though it might not become our favorite dish ever, in our opinion it is always a good thing to try new things and think about your own consumption behavior once in a while. For us, the best course was ceviche from venison with sweet potato fries due to the fresh herbs and spices and the soft meat – yummy!

    But you should not only check out the pop-up restaurant due to its unique taste adventure – it also opens in a very nice location at the basement of the bar Holzkranich in the heart of Schwabing. There will be one large table assembled across the entire room. The idea behind this is to eat together rather than separately. Simply together and better. There will be three menus (pork, veal, goat) to choose from:

    • Three course menu for 30 EUR
    • Four courses for 45 EUR
    • Five courses for 49 EUR

    The pop-up restaurant will be opened from the 6th of March to the 23rd from Monday to Thursday (approximately 7 – 11 pm). Make sure to make reservations in advance as seating space is limited.

    All in all, we totally recommend to have dinner at the FLEISCHKONSUM pop-up restaurant. If you are up for this new taste adventure, you will be rewarded with a new food experience you`ll probably get nowhere else in Munich. Just don’t bring any vegetarian or vegan friends :).


    • Pop-up restaurant “FLEISCHKONSUM” by Vincent Fricke
    • Open: 6th to 23rd March, Monday to Thursday (7-11 pm)
    • Menu: pork, venison or goat meat from nose to tail

    Munich Pop-up restaurant

    Munich Pop-up restaurant









    Munich Pop-up restaurant


    Munich Pop-up restaurant



    How to get there?

    Location: Holzkranich,

    Georgenstraße 105

    80798 Munich

    Want to know more?

    Check out this aricle

    or see the Vincent`s website

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