Sobicocoa Munich

If you are looking for the prefect feel-good and chill-out place in Munich, where you can hang out whole day long and get quality coffee, tea or the house specialty hot chocolate at a bargain price, we have the perfect spot for you: Sobicocoa or shortly Sobi’s in Schwabing.

You might already know this place from driving or cycling by and seeing people sitting in the window and wanting to join them immediately since it looks so comfy and easy-going… well, that’s exactly the place and in our opinion Sobi’s is definitely worth to stop by. The coffee place offers four different müslies and breakfast combos as for example the “little Prince” (pick a cookie, croissant or bagel + coffee or tea for 4 Euro) at a comparably low price. But you can also put together your own individual breakfast according to your preferences. In addition to breakfasts and müslies, Sobi’s also offers homemade cakes and cookies to go together with your afternoon coffee or tea. Once you made it to Sobicocoa you simply have to try the coffee places specialties: one of the offered chai lattes or hot chocolates (cocoa), which bear also funny names as for example “dragon heart” or “a clockwork orange” – and yes, it is worth all the calories :).

If you decide to have lunch or dinner, you can check out one of the delicious salads, sandwiches, tramezzini or pasta, which are also truly recommendable. Due to the very comfy and cozy atmosphere you might wanna take your date here, too, in case you want to grab a coffee or have breakfast instead of the typical dinner & drinks thing. Since Sobicocoa is located closely to the Englischer Garten, you have also the chance to take your coffee-to-go and walk to the park. The comfy and easygoing atmosphere is not only because of the shabby- chic interior (including a chandelier) and the opportunity to read books and magazines, but even more because of the nice and friendly Sobicocoa’s team. In our opinion the place is more than prefect to spend a lazy afternoon hanging out in the large window spaces or to have a nice and cozy breakfast – if you prefer the window space as we do (shoes need to be taken off!), we would suggest to make reservations.


Hot Chocolate (cocoas), Chai, Tea, cookies

Who is there:

Schwabing neighborhood, students, creatives, young families, hipsters


How to get there:

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