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Gloria Palast: a cineastic experience to remember!

Of course, going the movies is not that big of an insider tip or oneof the most popular activities at all… so we thought, too. But after having seen the new Stars Wars: The force awakens at the Gloria Palast at Stachus (“Karlsplatz” for those of you that are not long enough in our beautiful city to know that all Munich people only refer to Karlsplatz as Stachus ), we changed our mind.

The Gloria Palast has been opened in 1956 by a famous actress and movie director and was always meant to be a fancy and exclusive cinema hosting countless premieres and also gala performances. Of course the architecture, the glamourous chic interioras well as the specially made decoration contributed to the fame and atmosphere of this special movies theater. After being renovated and redecorated in 2012, the Gloria Palast reopened in 2013 as Munich’s first premium movies theater – and the Gloria Palast definitively lives up to this expectation. You do not only get a free welcome drink (we had a delicious Kir Royal) and have the possibility to drop your coats at the wardrobe, but you also walk over the red carpet and are personally welcomed by the movies manager.

The fancy lounge makes you feel like you are in a fifties movie yourself and you would not be surprised if Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant would walk down the stairs to join the crowd. The seat rows are really spacious and in addition to a very comfy chair you also have the chance to put your feet on a chair-addition. If you want to order any food (you have to try at least one “Genussturm”) or more drinks, the waiters are more than happy to take your order and serve you directly in the theater. As you are charged around 17,50 EUR (depends on movie and time) for one ticket the prices can’t of course compete with the one of the typical movies centers as Mathäser or the CineMaxx, but in our opinion it is definitively worth it. If you want a glamourous night out at the movies with your crowd, have a date with someone special or just want to have a great deluxe cineastic experience on your own, the Gloria Palast is the place to be!

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