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Kaffee Munich

In case you are looking for the perfect small cozy coffee place…

…to read a book

…to dream about travelling, the perfect girl/guy or whatever is currently on your mind

…to catch up with your friend

…to watch busy pedestrians through large windows

well, we might have THE perfect café for you.

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The tiny Café Fräulein (Fräulein is old-fashioned German for miss/ mademoiselle) is located in the very heart of Munich, right behind the Viktualienmarkt and offers great coffee, cake and cupcakes as well as small snacks and breakfast. Once you enter the coffee place you feel the passion and the commitment of the owners to their café since every little detail seems to be arranged carefully in order to meet the old-fashioned but vintage style theme and it all fits perfectly together. Moreover, a delicious coffee smell as well as the comfy furniture and of course the small size of the café spread a very cozy atmosphere, which makes you wanna hang out there a little longer. In order to start your day in downtown Munich, Café Fräulein offers the perfect opportunity to get a healthy yet rich breakfast with regional products. You can choose between different “Ladies” (feel lucky guys :))… for example “Hildegard” (bread variety, muesli with fresh fruit and the famous cinnamon bun for 9,90 EUR) or “Annamierl” (bread variety, mixed cheese and sausages, boiled egg, fresh fruit, the famous cinnamon bun and a glass of sparkling wine for 12,90 EUR). The clou is the vintage trolley table on which bread and bagels as well as honey, jam and Nutella are presented buffet-style – and you are free to take as much as you want which is definitely not common. If you prefer to sleep in, you still have the opportunity to get great coffee and one of the best cakes and cupcakes in Munich. We tried “Blondie” (white cupcake with white chocolate and raspberries) and a typical Bavarian dessert “Scheiterhaufen”  – German for “the stake” but no worries… it is just a pile of roasted bagels with vanilla sauce and apples and absolutely delicious, so one could actually say… to die for 🙂 One of the cafés specialties is the homemade Zimtschnecke (cinnamon bun) – you simply have to experience it yourself, trust us. Of course, we are not talking low carb or diet food here… but as one of the frames on the wall says – the staff does not fu***** care about our diet 🙂 (in German: Deine Diät ist uns scheißegal). But the staff does definitely care about your personal well-being – they are really nice and relaxed and try to make your visit as perfect as possible. As mentioned before, the Café Fräulein is really really small – only 6 tables altogether plus outdoor tables during spring and summer times. Therefore, reservations are an absolute MUST, unless you come on a Tuesday on 11 am and so on, but even then it is advisable. For groups with more than 4 people it is only possible to make reservations via phone due to the small seating capacity. If you are looking for a modern and intellectual café with trendy people only and want to dress up and present your latest designer bag, Café Fräulein is certainly not the right choice for you – but if you are looking for delicious sweet treats and power breakfast in a comfy and cozy atmosphere you should definitely stop by asap! Go to website

Inside-Munich Insider: if all tables are already taken and you cannot do without a cake or cupcake, you have the possibility to get your sweet treat at the small Café Fräulein shop within the Karstadt Schmankerlgasse (basement of the Karstadt department store) on Mondays-Saturdays.

Must-try at Café Fräulein:

cupcakes and cakes, especially „Blondie“, Inge-Spritz, Zimtschnecke (cinnamon bun)


Who is there:

friends (mostly girls), hanging out and gossiping about the latest news, lost tourists on their way to downtown Munich, coffee&cake lovers, relaxed people of all ages and styles, but not a lot of people at the same time, since the place is really really small


Hot to get to Café Fräulein?

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