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AuRoom – THE cocktail experience
Of course, as the third-largest city in Germany Munich is home of many great bars with a huge variety of fancy drinks and cocktails. Nevertheless, the AuRoom bar in the Glockenbachviertel is one of our all-time favorites and an insider tip as well. You can choose from one of the largest cocktail menus in town (you have to check out the funky Thai-inspired drink “Tom Kha Waak” and the gin-infused “Vanilla Pear”), but what makes the place even more special is the great service and advice which is offered by one of the owners. You just name your favorite liquor and state your taste preferences regarding sweetness, sourness, bitterness, cream or no cream, wait for a few minutes (real bar-tending takes its time!) and wooooshhh – you will get a perfect delicious cocktail or drink that suites all your needs for the night… or at least for the next 30 minutes as you might want to order another one in due course. Therefore, it is no surprise that the bar tender Alexander Wimmer has won several cocktail mixing awards.

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The name “AuRoom” is based on the Latin word “aurum” which means gold… and that is for a reason, of course, as the walls are decorated in golden stucco. This wand decoration and the large mirrors that are placed above and behind the bar spread a very special atmosphere which makes it even harder to leave. Moreover, bar snacks as meatballs, olives, sandwiches and really delicious tarte flambée or Flammkuchen in German (French pizza) are served here as well. The prices are only slightly higher than in other bars (cocktails range from 9 – 15 EUR) but the quality and variety offered beat most of the competition easily. Since the popular bar is rather small and has only room for 7-10 tables plus bar stools, it is absolutely necessary to make reservations – not only on weekends! Due to its great location in the middle of the Glockenbachviertel it is of course possible to start or to end your night out here – also recommendable for your first date as the place is certainly something special and you can check out the cocktail menu for great drink quotes (see one above) while waiting for your drinks. In our opinion the place is definitely something special and we keep on coming back!

Specials: great cocktail advice and knowledge, “golden atmosphere”

Must-try: Vanilla Pear, Tom Kha Waak, tarte flambée


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