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Kuchen Auswahl Occam Deli

Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee & Cake or Dinner – it’s up to you… since this great Deli place offers everything all day long. Strategically placed right before the entrance to the Englischer Garten and close to the subway station Münchner Freiheit you will find a NYC-inspired restaurant that offers great quality food and a very cozy atmosphere that invites you to stay longer than originally planned … at least for another round or another cup of coffee J. “Deli” stems originally from the Lower East side in Manhattan is short for delicate food or delicacies – and the food and drinks served at the Occam Deli live up to these expectations. The food is inspired by American, Oriental, French and Italian cooking-style and is really delicious. Although everything on the menu is definitively worth a try, the large variety of cakes is especially recommendable – perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon chat (girls: so worth each and every single calorie 🙂.

Takeaway and purchase of basic food as fruits and vegetables as well as oil, salt and pepper is also possible. In addition to the great atmosphere and food you will also find nice and relaxed people, typical stylish trendsetters as well as tourists on their way to the Englischer Garten or Schwabing couples having a coffee break. Due to the large windows and the great location the Occam Deli also offers the perfect possibility to watch and observe people going or driving by… it really is the perfect location for hanging out with friends during afternoons but also for having dinner. Since the place is really en vogue and provides unfortunately limited seating capacity, it is advisable to make reservations especially for more than two people or for having dinner on weekends. Go to – Occam Deli

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