Brotraum in Schwabing


Brotraum – The organic AND delicious bakery! In case you are looking for a bakery that sells very delicious organic rolls and buns, also offers coffee, little snacks and breakfast, but does not use any flavor enhancers or raising agents at all, well… we got a perfect match for you! Brottraum The bakery Brotraum (German for “bread room”) in the Herzogstrasse closed to the subway station Münchner Freiheit labels itself as organic (German: Bio) and we were curious if you can taste the difference to the typical bakery products of ...
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Kaffee Munich

Café Fräulein

In case you are looking for the perfect small cozy coffee place… …to read a book …to dream about travelling, the perfect girl/guy or whatever is currently on your mind …to catch up with your friend …to watch busy pedestrians through large windows well, we might have THE perfect café for you. The tiny Café Fräulein (Fräulein is old-fashioned German for miss/ mademoiselle) is located in the very heart of Munich, right behind the Viktualienmarkt and offers great coffee, cake and cupcakes as well as small snacks and breakfast. Once ...
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Wood Schwabing Insidemunich


Eat clean – feel clean! The slogan of the newly opened (November 2015) restaurant Wood does not only perfectly fit to the ongoing healthy food trend but promises to serve delicious food yet without using any flavor enhancers and refined sugars. Located close to the subway station Münchner Freiheit in Schwabing Wood is just one of the many new openings in this neighborhood, but the concept of clean food is definitely new in town and an interesting addition to the existing offer of bars and restaurants. When entering Wood, we ...
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Sobicocoa Munich


If you are looking for the prefect feel-good and chill-out place in Munich, where you can hang out whole day long and get quality coffee, tea or the house specialty hot chocolate at a bargain price, we have the perfect spot for you: Sobicocoa or shortly Sobi’s in Schwabing. You might already know this place from driving or cycling by and seeing people sitting in the window and wanting to join them immediately since it looks so comfy and easy-going… well, that’s exactly the place and in our opinion Sobi’s ...
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